Though the chosen corpus of Xoanon is the magical book, or Grammar of Art, the Cultus Sabbati has also produced a body of work in essay form, appearing in varied occult and esoteric journals over the years. Many of these works will be released in the future as bound volumes, by Three Hands Press. The following previously published essays provide an introduction to some of the concepts treated in our grimoria, and are reproduced here with permission.

1. ‘What is Traditional Craft?’

Andrew Chumbley’s definitive work concerning historical substrata and sorcerous threads of that Nameless Art which adopts the outer term ‘Traditional Witchcraft’.

2. ‘The Sabazian Torch’

A consideration of the atavistic perpetuity of the Witch-Cult, its sorcerous topology and appropriate nomenclature.

3. ‘Way and Waymark’

Concerning the wandering metaphysic of exile within Traditional Craft, and its power as a process of magical transference and syncretism over time.

4. ‘Golden Fruit from the Celestial Branch’

Adapted from Viridarium Umbris, and appertaining the trans-celestial origin of the Art Magical, and in particular praxes using the occult powers of trees and herbs.