At the Third Circuit of the Serpent

I raise the Mask, that every hell be harrow’d,
Before me a thousand glamours cast:
Warded are the by-ways of the world-by-day.
Before the Image of the Wrathful
are mine enemies slain.
For the curse-vessel bound in thread-of-red;
As One I speak with the Tongues of the Dead,
Rous’d in might from the Graveyard of I.
Against all profane I raise the witching pale,
This hallow’d earth of our blood-pact bounded,
Silence my Word, and Mystery my Sign.

For three decades, Xoanon Limited has served as the voice of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, a bell resounding from the shadowed conclaves of spirit beyond …into the world of flesh. As such, its books are direct textual emanations of its active brethren, come forth in accord with the Design: the patterning of active rites, deeds, revelations, and magical originations of the unified body of Sabbatic adepts. Being an endeavour proceeding as Art, Craft, and spiritual self- determination, Xoanon is the monadic dissemination of many voices as one, a singular act of Authority crystallised in the baetyl, the celestial-born Stone also known as the ‘House of God’. Today, at the Greater Feast of our founder Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir, we remember him and are honoured to continue to serve our mandate as the Sole Publisher of the Sabbatic Tradition.

Throughout eras of deaths and births, seasons of plague and health, feast and bitter ordeal, our work continues as a beacon to those souls seeking the ‘third way’ that wends between darkness and light. The coming three years will extend our work, the great Tree of Art bearing new fruit, as well as extending its branches and strengthening its roots. In addition to forthcoming writings of Andrew D. Chumbley, new works are scheduled by Soror S.I., Daniel A. Schulke, and brethren of the Serpent-Cross.

To those who have discreetly and privately supported our work in the past 30 years, concealed to the eyes of the profane, we extend our thanks. Humble in aspect, yet Royal in Spirit, it is for you our works go forth.