At the Third Circuit of the Serpent

I raise the Mask, that every hell be harrow’d,
Before me a thousand glamours cast:
Warded are the by-ways of the world-by-day.
Before the Image of the Wrathful
are mine enemies slain.
For the curse-vessel bound in thread-of-red;
As One I speak with the Tongues of the Dead,
Rous’d in might from the Graveyard of I.
Against all profane I raise the witching pale,
This hallow’d earth of our blood-pact bounded,
Silence my Word, and Mystery my Sign.

For three decades, Xoanon Limited has served as the voice of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, a bell resounding from the shadowed conclaves of spirit beyond …into the world of flesh. As such, its books are direct textual emanations of its active brethren, come forth in accord with the Design: the patterning of active rites, deeds, revelations, and magical originations of the unified body of Sabbatic adepts. Being an endeavour proceeding as Art, Craft, and spiritual self- determination, Xoanon is the monadic dissemination of many voices as one, a singular act of Authority crystallised in the baetyl, the celestial-born Stone also known as the ‘House of God’. Today, at the Greater Feast of our founder Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir, we remember him and are honoured to continue to serve our mandate as the Sole Publisher of the Sabbatic Tradition.

Throughout eras of deaths and births, seasons of plague and health, feast and bitter ordeal, our work continues as a beacon to those souls seeking the ‘third way’ that wends between darkness and light. The coming three years will extend our work, the great Tree of Art bearing new fruit, as well as extending its branches and strengthening its roots. In addition to forthcoming writings of Andrew D. Chumbley, new works are scheduled by Soror S.I., Daniel A. Schulke, and brethren of the Serpent-Cross.

To those who have discreetly and privately supported our work in the past 30 years, concealed to the eyes of the profane, we extend our thanks. Humble in aspect, yet Royal in Spirit, it is for you our works go forth.

Via Tortuosa Has Arrived

Standard hardcover editions of Via Tortuosa arrived today. They are currently being inspected, numbered, and jacketed, and will begin shipping December 11. All private subscribers who pre-ordered the standard edition directly from Xoanon can be assured of delivery before Christmas. Due to the additional time and labour required in creating the deluxe and special editions, these will be shipped in early February 2019.

Via Tortuosa to be Announced

At the Ides of September, Xoanon Limited reports the imminent announcement of a new book, to be released at All Hallows, 2018. Entitled Via Tortuosa: An Exposition on Crooked Path Sorcery, the book is co-authored by Daniel A. Schulke and Robert Fitzgerald, with eleven original images by Jim Dunk.

‘Crooked Path Sorcery’ is a term originating within the Cultus Sabbati, particularly within the ritual corpus of the Draconist, used to describe the antinomian and oppositional nature of its quintessence. This sorcerous ethos is extrapolated in such Cultus works as Qutub, The Dragon-Book of Essex, and Lux Haeresis, but its roots in fact are older, animating many historical strands of sorcery. Particularly relevant to witchcraft ritual and the perception-distorting powers of the Witches’ Sabbat, the book places especial emphasis on the ‘crooked’ figure of the witch and her Art, examining historical instances and their dispersion into the modern occult workings of the Sabbatic Current. Through the devices of magical analysis, exhortation and homily, the essence of the Crooked Path and its associated byways are directly explored, illuminating the mystical convolutions of the Arcanum.

Further information regarding this volume will be soon available to our private subscribership, with adverts soon to arrive through our postal mailing campaign. Quantities will be limited.

Of the Stone Xoanon and Its Perpetuity

From its inception, through the vision of Alogos to conjure aspects of the Sabbatic Tradition via the myriad of spirits manifest in our Work, the worldly presencing of the Grammar of Art remains at the heart of what we do. The void within Xoanon’s Circle has been and continues to be the power of spirit-emanation through written and artistic form — of spirit-made-manifest through the ecstasis of creation.

As we celebrate the twenty-five years Xoanon has seeded this orb of creation, we express our appreciation to the brethren of the Cultus Sabbati, whose work is the very wellspring from which our published titles emerge. From the initial emanation of Azoëtia, to Khiazmos: A Book Without Pages, and all that have been created in-between, the spirits have brought forth the power of our Tradition to those that have the eyes to see.

Now, as in the beginning, our inspiration emerges from the Round of Midnight, the conjuration of spirit and oneiric transformation; the mystery that lies within the time-between-time, the-dream-within dream. As the Serpent coils the next egg of becoming, so too may we slough our skins, and transform ourselves anew in the Light of the World. Such is the Way of the New Flesh.

Beholding our future and the Book Unwritten, we reside within the stillness of the Point and embody the flame within. Ours is the path that expands the circle’s edge, to embody the Arte Magical in new forms, with the Tradition’s intent at its heart.

KHIAZMOS: A Book Without Pages

KHIAZMOS: A Book Without Pages, by Andrew D. Chumbley. Standard edition with letterpress dust jacket, featuring Chumbley’s image ‘Al Nasr Al-Aswad’. Originally written between 1993 and 1999, this book, which expounds the Sabbatic principle of transcendence through Opposition, is now published for the first time.

The Apotheosis of the Pentagram

At its twenty-fifth anniversary Xoanon Limited, sole publisher of the Sabbatic Tradition, announces imminent publication of the grimoire Khiazmos: A Book without Pages by Andrew D. Chumbley, under the auspices of the Cultus Sabbati. Begun in 1993, emerging at the time of the completion of Qutub, the book was finalized in 1999. It has never before been published.

Khiazmos articulates the paradoxical arcanum of Opposition—an essential dynamic force of Sabbatic Witchcraft—which animates the Art of Magic itself, through aphoristic formulae. Like the mystical formats of the riddle, parable, and koan, the book utilises strategies of arcane, recursive exposition to embody transcendent truths about magic, the spirit world, the stance of the sorcerer, and the Sabbat of the Witches. The living book, as conceived in the Vision of the Scribe, possessed the power to transcend its material corpus, and simultaneously wrote and unwrote itself as it was read, creating the titular absence of pages. The magical insights expressed through the various modalities of the book are borne of dream and the contemplative nexus informing the stance in the midst of the cross-ways, the projection of the Sorcerous ‘I’ beyond the point at the Circle’s heart. In accord with the great magico-literary corpus of the Sabbatic Tradition, Khiazmos resounds with the voice of its author, in Speech and Silence, in Image and Sigil. The book is 88 pages, printed on heavy stock, with ten automatic drawings by the Author in full colour, and featuring an Afterword by Frater A.H.I. and Soror I.S. of the Cultus Sabbati.

The book is soon to be announced to our private subscriber list for pre-order. Standard editions will be released October 10, 2017, with deluxe and special editions following in November. A small number of copies may be available from our preferred booksellers. Please see our Ordering page for more information.

Khiazmos: A Book without Pages

Consummatum Est: Grimorium Azoëtia

Azoëtia Special Edition

AZOËTIA, a grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, by Andrew D. Chumbley. Special edition, number 22 of 22 slipcased copies hand bound in full white alum-tawed goat, each accompanied by a letterpress talisman concentrating the power of a single Azoëtic letter. In keeping with the traditions of Xoanon, all designs of the third edition are realized as a Collaboration of Art between Soror I., Frater A.H.I., Soror S.I., Frater A.Z., Frater A.A., and the Spirit of the Book. This photograph was taken just before the books were dispatched to their respective owners, encircled by the full talismanic ring of the Sacred Alphabet. 0 = 1–22: The Seal of the Work.

With the completion of the final impressions of the official run of the third edition, the Vox Baetyla utters the Oracle anew. In this, our twenty-fifth year of publishing, Xoanon marks the date as the Apotheosis of the Pentalpha, with several new publications. Please be aware that our titles are released in small quantities and offered first to our private subscribership. Those wishing to be added should write to our postal address.

Azoëtia Third Edition, Special Edition

Hallows-Emergent: Azoëtia, third edition: Special Edition in full white alum-tawed goat, slipcased and limited to 22 copies in total, each accompanied by a separate talisman bearing one of the twenty-two Holy Letters of the Sacred Alphabet.

Azoëtia 3rd Edition Special Edition

Azoëtia Deluxe and Special Editions Released

The long-awaited deluxe and special editions of Azoëtia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft are now being released. The first copies of the deluxe edition will begin shipping to customers on Wednesday, July 29, and fulfilment of all pre-orders will be ongoing throughout the month of August. We thank all subscribers for their patience in awaiting these fine editions, and express our profound thanks to our binders at The Key in Oakland, California. Once all orders are fulfilled, Xoanon will announce another limited edition title to be released in Autumn 2016. Pictured here is the deluxe edition of Azoëtia in half crimson goat and slipcase, limited to 111 copies in total.

Azoëtia Deluxe

Azoëtia Third Edition Released

Standard editions of Andrew D. Chumbley’s Azoëtia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft have now arrived and are being prepared to undertake pilgrimage through the postal system. Shipments of the standard edition of the book will commence Tuesday, February 2, and continue throughout the month. During this time, we counsel patience as the third grimoric manifestation of Sethos makes its way into the world. Please be advised that books will be shipped to customers in the sequence in which they were ordered, with preference given to our private subscribers and long-time allies in the occult book trade.

Azoëtia Third Edition