Of the Stone Xoanon and Its Perpetuity

From its inception, through the vision of Alogos to conjure aspects of the Sabbatic Tradition via the myriad of spirits manifest in our Work, the worldly presencing of the Grammar of Art remains at the heart of what we do. The void within Xoanon’s Circle has been and continues to be the power of spirit-emanation through written and artistic form — of spirit-made-manifest through the ecstasis of creation.

As we celebrate the twenty-five years Xoanon has seeded this orb of creation, we express our appreciation to the brethren of the Cultus Sabbati, whose work is the very wellspring from which our published titles emerge. From the initial emanation of Azoëtia, to Khiazmos: A Book Without Pages, and all that have been created in-between, the spirits have brought forth the power of our Tradition to those that have the eyes to see.

Now, as in the beginning, our inspiration emerges from the Round of Midnight, the conjuration of spirit and oneiric transformation; the mystery that lies within the time-between-time, the-dream-within dream. As the Serpent coils the next egg of becoming, so too may we slough our skins, and transform ourselves anew in the Light of the World. Such is the Way of the New Flesh.

Beholding our future and the Book Unwritten, we reside within the stillness of the Point and embody the flame within. Ours is the path that expands the circle’s edge, to embody the Arte Magical in new forms, with the Tradition’s intent at its heart.