Ars Philtron, Edition Codex Vasculum

By Daniel A. Schulke

Ars Philtron Edition Codex VasculumRegulus of First Woman am I,
From the Antient Well of Blood first come;
By Black Earth blest, and curs’d by Red Clay.
Bitter by parts, I am sweet in sum:
The Flesh that shall the One Fire withstand.
Pour’d out, pour’d out in wonder am I,
As Good Water from the Desert Rock,
To assuage the unknown thirst of Man.

Ars Philtron’s second edition of 2008 is subtitled ‘Edition Codex Vasculum’, and is the definitive edition of this work. Expanded text and imagery not seen in the first edition is present, as is the 27-stanza Elixirs of the Faithful Gods, a poetic cipher of the fluidic media which permeate the Sabbatic Mysterium.

ars08dx-Ars-Philtron-DeluxeThe book was issued in four editions:

Standard: Rust Cloth boards with Black Pewter stamping, brown endpapers, 304 pages, 33 illustrations, limited to 720 hand-numbered copies.

Deluxe: Gold-stamped hollen-green smooth goat, English marbled endpapers, slipcased and limited to 72 hand numbered copies.

Special: Gold-stamped brown skiver, red gilt endpapers, slipcased and limited to 11 copies, containing the mystery text The Vineyard of the Resurrection.

X-Series: Rust cloth over boards with marbled endsheets, slipcased and limited to 14 copies, and additional text Alembick of the Wise.