Qutub, Second Edition

Or, The Point, by Andrew D. Chumbley

Qutub concerns the Arcanum of the Opposer, a doctrine of the Crooked Path concerning the powers of Self-overcoming. The book defines and illustrates the Design of Crooked Path Sorcery through a series of 72 arcane poetic verses. Arising from diverse initiatic currents and spiritual streams, this Wisdom encompasses the ancient Persian sorceries of the Maskarae and Yatukan; the pure mysticism and beauty of the Sufic Way; the Yezidis, collected Kurdish tribes comprising the “People of the Book”, and the modern-day exemplar of the Witches’ Sabbatic Cultus. Together, these sources inspire the verses of Qutub, Point and Axis of the World, weaving a rich tapestry to which is appended a scholarly commentary. This illumination ultimately comprises the body of the Dragon of Eld, the Ancient Serpent of Light whose totality manifests within the microcosmic earth as the Great Opposer, whose Rite is included in the book.

Textually, the second edition of Qutub, published at Midwinter 2008, remains unchanged from the first edition. However, the text and images are newly typeset and possess subtly different bindings.

The work was issued in two forms only:

Standard edition: Hardbound in black cloth with blue endpapers limited to 700 copies.

Deluxe edition: Hardbound in midnight-blue morocco, slipcased and bearing on its face a cipher of the Wisdom of the Opposer, limited to 72 copies.