Sodalities of the Cultus Sabbati

The Cultus Sabbati is comprised of a number of inner covines and conclaves originating in Old Craft streams of late nineteenth-century England and Wales. Their governing wyrd, being by tradition transmitted from Master to Prentice, are living corpora of lore, mysticism, and practice, rooted in the past, yet penetrating temporality as they grow toward an ever-unfolding future.

Within the formal bounds of the Cultus, or as an extension of its outer perimeter, are also subsumed a number of closed magical sodalities and cells. As some of these sodalities have been referred to in our publications, the following information has been here set forth for clarity.

Companie of the Serpent-Cross

The magical sodality known as the Companie of the Serpent-Cross, being an outer perimeter of the Cultus Sabbati, is a vehicle for the transmission of lore and praxis known as Crooked Path Sorcery. By its definition as a formal body of sworn Sorors and Brethren, it provides a working context for those wishing to align their personal magical work with the forms of sorcerous praxis presently emanating from within the Sabbatic Cultus. Specialised for the solitary practitioner, its intent is to elicit states of consciousness in which unique and individual realisations of the Path may be attained. Its further aim is to cohere the resources of inspired, self-motivated practitioners and to encourage creative contexts for the transmission of the Magical Quintessence through cross-hierarchical mentorship. Brethren of the Companie of the Serpent-Cross have contributed their work to a single publication available to the public, The Psalter of Cain (Xoanon, 2012), where their work appears together with initiates of the Cultus Sabbati. Correspondence regarding the Companie should be directed to our postal address.

Column of the Crooked Path

The Column of the Crooked Path was formed in Essex, England, in 1992 for the reification of Crooked Path Sorcery through the rites of the Stellar Dragon Azhdeha.  Its body of teachings and ritual practice is embodied in the book Grimorium Synomosia Draco’Taus, or The Dragon-Book of Essex. The rites of the Column emerge from a magical trident of ophiolatry, stellar gnosis, and telluric sorcery, refracted through varied syncretic forms of witchcraft mystagogy, and subject to the threefold Arcanum of the Opposer. The rites of the Column are operational in both theurgic and thaumaturgic arenas, serving as the incarnate anchor of the Magical Arcanum of the Snake, particularly in its twin ritual form known as the double-ouroboros. The Column presently operates as a closed cell within the Cultus Sabbati using both the rites of The Dragon Book and other unpublished Draconick Formulae from diverse Column adepti, as well as developing evolved forms of the dual-circle praxis and its sorcerous outfleshings.


The Ku-Trishula or ‘Order of the Negative Trident’ is an inner cell of the Cultus Sabbati serving as an operant sanctuary for various tantric empowerments originating in Hinduism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Bön, adapted for the diverse contexts of the western magical tradition. Initially incepted by Frater Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir, its structure was given added dimension through additional tantric transmissions refracted through other Fraters and Sorors of the Cultus Sabbati. Its corpus of specialised teachings and practice possess a complex and interpretative philosophy of magical liberation which mirrors in many regards an ethos present in some strands of British and Anglo-American folk magic.


The Ku-Sebittu originated as a cross-fertilisation, or Common Lodge, of the Sabbatic and Typhonian magical currents. Incepted in England by Fraters Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir of the Cultus Sabbati and Aossic Aiwass of the Ordo Typhonis on August 7, 1994, its essential manifesto was outlined in Andrew D. Chumbley’s essay “Opening the Way for the Daemons of the Void”. Subsequent to its founding, the Ku-Sebittu separated itself from the Typhonian Order and became wholly subsumed within the Cultus Sabbati. The work proper ceased in 2000, having brought a number of its aims to fruition.

The present phase of work of the Ku-Sebittu, under the magistry of Akarais Hran-Issiyah, is empowered within the present stellar mysteria of the Column of the Crooked Path, an inner cell whose quintessential foci of Stellar Gnosis originate with the constellation of Draconis, and radiate outward through the body of adepts. Work on-going involves the further development of the stellar body, the development of stellar arcana and sorcery, and the metal-sidereal applications of the Light of the Seven Stars.

Arbor Infernis 

Arbor Infernis is a magical sodality whose principal concerns are plant-lore and charming. Incepted in 2001 by Fra. Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir and Fra. Akarais Hran-Issiyah, its further aim is the reification of power and gnosis emanating from Jan-Adan-Layil or Midnight’s Eden, the primordial confluence of witch-power and ancient point of first angelic transgression. Accordingly, special attention is given the manifold mysteria of Cainite Gnosis –a defining feature of Sabbatic Witchcraft, and its relation to the Agrarian Cult. Through the resolution of these disparate powers the Poison Path is inaugurated, and the Via Tortuosa of the Green Snake traced upon the Earth.