The Apotheosis of the Pentagram

At its twenty-fifth anniversary Xoanon Limited, sole publisher of the Sabbatic Tradition, announces imminent publication of the grimoire Khiazmos: A Book without Pages by Andrew D. Chumbley, under the auspices of the Cultus Sabbati. Begun in 1993, emerging at the time of the completion of Qutub, the book was finalized in 1999. It has never before been published.

Khiazmos articulates the paradoxical arcanum of Opposition—an essential dynamic force of Sabbatic Witchcraft—which animates the Art of Magic itself, through aphoristic formulae. Like the mystical formats of the riddle, parable, and koan, the book utilises strategies of arcane, recursive exposition to embody transcendent truths about magic, the spirit world, the stance of the sorcerer, and the Sabbat of the Witches. The living book, as conceived in the Vision of the Scribe, possessed the power to transcend its material corpus, and simultaneously wrote and unwrote itself as it was read, creating the titular absence of pages. The magical insights expressed through the various modalities of the book are borne of dream and the contemplative nexus informing the stance in the midst of the cross-ways, the projection of the Sorcerous ‘I’ beyond the point at the Circle’s heart. In accord with the great magico-literary corpus of the Sabbatic Tradition, Khiazmos resounds with the voice of its author, in Speech and Silence, in Image and Sigil. The book is 88 pages, printed on heavy stock, with ten automatic drawings by the Author in full colour, and featuring an Afterword by Frater A.H.I. and Soror I.S. of the Cultus Sabbati.

The book is soon to be announced to our private subscriber list for pre-order. Standard editions will be released October 10, 2017, with deluxe and special editions following in November. A small number of copies may be available from our preferred booksellers. Please see our Ordering page for more information.

Khiazmos: A Book without Pages