Via Tortuosa to be Announced

At the Ides of September, Xoanon Limited reports the imminent announcement of a new book, to be released at All Hallows, 2018. Entitled Via Tortuosa: An Exposition on Crooked Path Sorcery, the book is co-authored by Daniel A. Schulke and Robert Fitzgerald, with eleven original images by Jim Dunk.

‘Crooked Path Sorcery’ is a term originating within the Cultus Sabbati, particularly within the ritual corpus of the Draconist, used to describe the antinomian and oppositional nature of its quintessence. This sorcerous ethos is extrapolated in such Cultus works as Qutub, The Dragon-Book of Essex, and Lux Haeresis, but its roots in fact are older, animating many historical strands of sorcery. Particularly relevant to witchcraft ritual and the perception-distorting powers of the Witches’ Sabbat, the book places especial emphasis on the ‘crooked’ figure of the witch and her Art, examining historical instances and their dispersion into the modern occult workings of the Sabbatic Current. Through the devices of magical analysis, exhortation and homily, the essence of the Crooked Path and its associated byways are directly explored, illuminating the mystical convolutions of the Arcanum.

Further information regarding this volume will be soon available to our private subscribership, with adverts soon to arrive through our postal mailing campaign. Quantities will be limited.