Azoëtia Third Edition Update

Due to production and material sourcing issues, as well as the September death of Cultus Sabbati brother Michael Howard, the release of The Azoëtia Third edition has been long delayed. We appreciate the support our extended community has shown during this time.

Production of The Azoëtia has now wrapped and shipping of the standard edition will commence on January 29th, 2016 and will be completed by February 10. Deluxe and Special editions will follow in due course over the next six weeks. Books shall be mailed in the order in which they were reserved; however, we anticipate a rapid fulfilment cycle.

Because of the added production delay, we have taken the opportunity to make several enhancements to the book, including the addition of three original images by Andrew D. Chumbley not present in the first or second editions, and the inclusion of a new Preface to the Third Edition written by Frater A.H.I. and Soror I.

Please note that our pre-order sales drive is complete and the book is no longer available for purchase. Retail distributors of the title in the United States include J.D. Holmes Bookseller, Weiser Antiquarian, and Fields Books. Canadian customers are directed to Thompson Rare Books. Customers in the United Kingdom may purchase The Azoëtia from Watkins Books and Midian Books.