Since its foundation, Xoanon has issued a number of fine limited editions to the cognoscenti. As a publisher it has served as the outer emanation of the Cultus Sabbati, treating matters especially appertaining its cycles of work and their manifestations as esoteric magical tabulae. Each volume is thus the result of many patterns of magical reification specifically emergent from within the Sabbatic Tradition, with import to the fields of witchcraft, sorcery, and the broader field of occult studies. A complete list of our publicly-disseminated works follows:

Recent Titles:

Enquiries regarding current titles should be addressed via post to our contact address.

Via Tortuosa (2018) by Daniel A. Schulke & Robert Fitzgerald

Lapis Lamiis (2017)

Back Catalogue:

Khiazmos: A Book Without Pages (2017) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Azoëtia 3rd Edition (2015) by Andrew D. Chumbley

The Dragon-Book of Essex (2014) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Eikostos (2012)

The Psalter of Cain (2012) by Cultus Sabbati

Lux Haeresis (2011) by Daniel A. Schulke

The Satyr’s Sermon (2009) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Ars Philtron: Edition Codex Vasculum (2008) by Daniel A. Schulke

Qutub, Second Edition (2008) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Viridarium Umbris (2005) by Daniel A. Schulke

Azoëtia – Sethos Edition (2002) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Ars Philtron (2001) by Daniel A. Schulke

One: The Grimoire of the Golden Toad (2000) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Qutub (1995) by Andrew D. Chumbley

Azoëtia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft (1992) by Andrew D. Chumbley