A Book Without Pages
Andrew D. Chumbley

A Book Without Pages is a Sabbatic Wisdom Teaching of Alogos Dhul’Qarnen Khidir, originally written between 1993 and 1999 but unpublished at his death in 2004. Its principal aim is the exaltation of the paradoxical force of Opposition —an essential dynamic patterning of Sabbatic Witchcraft— which animates the Art of Magic itself. This aphoristic grimoire deepens the linkage of the Current of Opposition to Sabbatic Craft philosophy, specifically its mystical and ‘poetic prose’ traditions. Birthed from the atemporal strata of the void-vessel of the Circle, the book is further empowered with elemental automata drawn by the Author, and an afterword written by Soror Illithiya Shemhiya and Frater Akarais Hran-Issiyah of the Cultus Sabbati.
The eternal Sabbat of the Witches contains within it both the Lawful and Unlawful. It is their recursive dance, through the Sorcerous Art, that animates the Current of Opposition. The comingling of Flesh with Ghost, Light with Darkness, Known and Unknown, Union and Disintegration, liberates the primordial power of the witch, known in the Sabbatic Tradition as Crooked Path Sorcery. From this sphere of the Void-Manifest emerges the primordial grimoire KHIAZMOS: A Book Without Pages. Utilising strategies of arcane, recursive and paradoxical exposition to illustrate eternal truths of magic, the living book, as conceived in the Vision of the Scribe, simultaneously wrote and unwrote itself as it was read.

The book is 84 pages with 9 colour plates by the Author. The publication consists of four editions:

Standard edition: 727 hand-numbered copies in gray cloth with black letterpress dust jacket.

Deluxe edition: 72 hand-numbered copies in quarter black goatskin with slipcase.

Special edition: 27 hand-numbered copies in full charcoal goatskin with slipcase.

Initiatic edition: 7 hand-numbered copies in full black and gray goatskin with slipcase.