Ars Philtron

By Daniel A. Schulke

As Cain is Our Fire, so Lilith is the Black Void which receives and contains that Fire; She is the ever-fertile Black Earth of Khem, Conceal’d Mysterium of Midnight and Spirit-Roaming, and the bitter but perpetually-fecund Ashes of Annihilation.

First published at Midsummer 2001, this important work treats extensively of Sabbatic-alchemical gnosis as manifest through the medium of potion-making, expositing eight principal philtre taxa, their pharmacoepia, gnostic dominions, and formulation. Evocations to aspects of the Sabbatic Guardians Lilith and Tubal-Cain are also given to empower the revelation and reification of the Philtre Arcana.

The work was released in two editions:


Standard edition: 144 copies, numbered and signed by the author, hand-bound in earthen-hued cloth with burgundy end-papers; 144pp.

Each copy of the book is unique, containing a full-colour frontispiece of one of a series of 24 paintings of the Sabbatic-Alchemic Temple, backed with one of six evocations to Cain or Lilith.

Special edition: 9 copies for private distribution only, each hand-bound in gold-stamped green lambskin, and accompanied by the complete set of 24 Sabbatic-Alchemic paintings.