The Satyr’s Sermon

By Andrew D. Chumbley

The Satyr's Sermon“The thighs of the wanton 
— man or maiden — 
are more worthy of a bowed head
than any monarch, god, or messiah.”

Completed in early 2004 and published by Xoanon in 2009, The Satyr’s Sermon formed a portion of the Monadic Transmission Series of texts originally issued in hand-written, hand-illustrated editions of one copy only. Concerning the sorcerous precept of Unfettered Desire, the Sermon unfolds in parable form, orated by the twin sexual hypostases of the Sabbatic Agapae – The Satyr and the Virgin. The book gives voice to a connubial dialectic patterned upon 26 aphoristic formulae or ‘Sermons’ and their accompanying calligraphic sigils. Containing diverse formulae of magical adoration, the Sermon invokes the eternal mystae of The Beloved. 84 pages, small format, printed in full letterpress in red, black and gold.

Printed Lammas 2009 and issued November of the same year in three editions only:

Standard edition: in quarter morocco with felt-lined slipcase, limited to 333 copies.

Deluxe edition: in full morocco, issued in a specially hand-made oak box, accompanied by a sacramental talisman of the Corpus Satyri, limited to 111 copies.

Special: full morocco “13 Maxims Edition” in pocketed slipcase, with Corpus Satyri talisman, limited to 13 copies.